A Secretly Love (2024)

A Secretly Love (2024)

Other name: ปลื้มคนโปรด Pluem Khon Prot Pluem Khonprot Pluem My Favourite Admire Khonprot


Khonprot, a third-year head hazer of the engineering faculty, has a secret crush on Pluem, a tsundere fourth-year head hazer. Over the years, he’s seen Pluem cycle through many girlfriends. Recently, after a public breakup, however, Khonprot thinks things may be different.

Director: Director: Odd Ramet Ruangpratum [อ๊อด ราเมศ เรืองประทุม]


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Stars: Starring: , , , ,

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