Dr. Spring (2024)

Dr. Spring (2024)

Other name: Chun Ri Ye Xing Jian Wang 3 Chun Ji Jian Wang 3 Wai Zhuan 剑网3春祭 剑网3外传 劍網3春祭 劍網3外傳


Corporate drone Dr. Zhang Zi Qi accidentally enters a “fantastical” game and becomes the wealthy Li family’s daughter, Li Chun Ri. Initially eager to indulge in the luxurious life of a young mistress, she soon finds out she’s been designated as a sacrifice. Unexpectedly, she forms a symbiotic bond with the assassin Ling Xing He. In order to return to reality, they must kill each other. Behind this absurd domestic struggle lies yet another sinister conspiracy.



Status: Ongoing

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